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It’s Special to be Different

The Old Lady and Her Four lovely Daughters

This book is about people who are remarkably different, illustrating the way four special girls learned to accept and love their differences. This is their journey to finding happiness in spite of, or because of, their uniqueness. In a fairy-tale like story, Sybil Kleinmichel takes us on an imaginary journey to a lovely place. The story illustrates that as soon as we decide to love ourselves and as we are today, true happiness is possible. When we accept ourselves, our lives become richer and we can attract people with similar talents and qualities, as these four lovely daughters have done.

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The Book’s Special Story

Sybil wrote this book in 1989, while living in New York. It took many years and 17 household moves, for her to find the courage to publish this book, and slay the inner dragon of procrastination.

She hopes that this book will be an inspiration to children and adults alike, who have not allowed themselves to be creative or expressive. The book was self-published in Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. The Illustrator was found in